Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Oct 29

What is mindfulness?

    Being/living in this moment (before God).
    The present is a gift.
    Taste and See the goodness of the Lord.

In pleasant experiences, it is being fully present to now and being able to savour it (I find a sense of deep gratitude follows).

In unpleasant experiences, it is being fully with the moment (grounded and coming to the breath) recognizing second arrows. The intent is to know it with kindness to ourselves (and be with it in God's presence).

In the mundane, being fully present and in doing this I recognize the miracle that is this moment.

The irony of this post is that I am trying to capture it in writing it down. Last post I was being critical at the teachers/guides trying to do just that. It can not be caught-only glimpsed.

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