Thursday, October 23, 2014

Oct 23,2014

Ok...OK..So I admit that I have a hidden intent. I want inner peace – like Kung Fu Panda but getting there is a real drag because I am not supposed to be going anywhere. And on top of that I have to 'be with' myself and there are somethings I don't like much about me. So I am stuck with 'being' with someone I don't always like...Hmm

My unpleasant events diary this week:

I tend to turn most negative events in my day on their head and reinvent them as positive so this has been difficult. I am finding I am not necessarily a positive person but can't stand the thought of living negatively so I make a choice to put a positive twist on events. Am I escaping – maybe. I think mindfulness is teaching me to be with the disappointment first before choosing a path.

One of my unpleasant events yesterday was driving home – as I just wanted to be home and was tired and cranky after working and getting out later then I hoped. I realized that the event itself was not unpleasant – it was my feelings and thoughts that made it that way.

I think that maybe I just learned two more mindfulness lessons. This mindfulness stuff is hard work.

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